our climate

We are at an altitude of 650 meters above sea-level and there is no need for air-conditioning. During the day temperatures rarely get above 30 degrees Celsius and at night the temperature drops to around 18-22 degrees.
Being at higher altitude and close to the mountains means a much higher humidity. Rain showers are fairly common, even during the dry season (which is not very dry anymore anyway in Bali, due to climate change). They generally do not last very long though, and normally won’t spoil your stay in this area.
Some times during the year, often around March, strong winds pick up and if it then rains the weather becomes less pleasant. This is not very common though and only the really unlucky ones may then have a less pleasant stay.
For those unlucky (or lucky..?) ones we are happy to either extend your stay or welcome you back another time, free of charge!